Career Resources

Action For Industry

Industry members are the traditional majority of IEEE and remain the majority in Region 8. Yet, IEEE takes them for granted, and some staff had implemented steps that have worked against the interests of Industry. To return our attention to industry and to serve our industry members, we must re-establish a relevance of IEEE to the industry. Starting in Region 8, we seek to achieve by dedicating significant resource to the task. For more info

Research Positions

  1. KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence: 23 research positions – full time/part time
  2. KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence: PhD Scholarships – CLOSED
  3. Research Institute of Saint-Louis: Research scientist for high-frequency technology and antenna design – CLOSED
  4. KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence: Research and Innovation Position
  5. Volunteer for IEEE Website Design.CLOSED

Industry Positions

  1. NETinfo: Embedded Systems Engineer – CLOSED
  2. NETinfo: Mobile Developer – CLOSED
  3. Ceranext: SW QA and Support Engineer – CLOSED

Internship Positions

  1. PHOEBE Summer Internship Program – CLOSED
  2. NETinfo Summer Internship positions – CLOSED
  3. CYTA: 7  Summer Internship Positions – CLOSED
  4. SignalGenerix Internship Positions – CLOSED
  5. 4W4U Internship Positions – CLOSED
  6. Ceranext Internship positions  – CLOSED
  7. XM Internship positions – CLOSED
  8. Cablenet Communication Systems Ltd Internship positions – CLOSED
  9. Netsmart – Internship positions – CLOSED